Monday, March 31, 2008

Air-Dropped Spy Rocks - Paranoid Yet?

Air Drop Sensor Systems
McQ Incorporated

McQ is recognized as the leading developer of air drop sensor technology using a variety of innovative approaches.

Recently, we developed for the United States Special Operations Command an airdrop weather station with satellite communications. This special unit was designed to survive an unretarded airdrop from C-130 aircraft and helicopters.

The Remote Miniature Weather Station (RMWS) is dropped from the aircraft, falls to the earth, automatically rights itself and deploys a solid state sensor pod up from the ground. The weather station provides temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, visibility, wind speed and direction.

McQ has also developed a RMWS Support System (RSS) that is a camouflaged airdrop unit that can point communications antennas to relay data via satellite. McQ has developed RemoteSense surveillance sensors that can be airdropped in camouflage packages.

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