Thursday, February 7, 2008

Feingold Accuses Fox News Of 'Vicious Slur' About Israeli 9/11 Involvement

Prothink Shames WeAreChange With Impressive
Confrontation Of Senator Russ Feingold

Prothink Addresses Sen. Russ Feingold

Senator Feingold claims the information in the presentation was a "vicious slur on Israel" apparently oblivious that it consisted entirely of mainstream news articles.

"I'm on the Intelligence Committee. I've never heard anything like this."
That's pretty hard to believe. Even Fox News viewers were privy to this information.
Maybe Sen. Feingold should tune in more often!

"If anybody did anything wrong, they should be charged and convicted."
You took the words right out of our mouths, Russ.

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